Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. HTC One mini 2: Metal mania

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha comes forward as the next super mini but its armor will surely be tested in battle against the HTC One mini 2. The two have their distinct strengths but enough common ground to meet on - compact and metal.
Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. HTC One Mini 2
The Galaxy Alpha is lighter and much thinner but Samsung used aluminum sparingly. HTC covered all of the One mini 2 in metal. The Galaxy Alpha has processing power to spare while the One mini 2 has a midrange chipset. The HTC brings the trademark BoomSound speakers while the Samsung promises a better camera.
Before you place your bets, here's specs the rundown.

Panasonic Lumix Smart Camera CM1 Spec

Panasonic Lumix Smart Camera CM1

Also known as Panasonic DMC-CM1
GENERAL 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 - SIM 1 & SIM 2
3G Network HSDPA
4G Network LTE
Announced 2014, September
Status Coming soon. Exp. release 2014, November
BODY Dimensions 135.4 x 68 x 21.1 mm (5.33 x 2.68 x 0.83 in)
Weight 204 g (7.20 oz)

6-inch Kindle Voyage e-reader leaks, may be out in November

Amazon is apparently hard at work on its next Kindle e-readers. The Kindle Voyage was erroneously listed for a short while by the company in Germany and Japan, and what you see below is purported to be an image of the device taken straight from its user manual.
The Voyage will come with a 6-inch screen with 300 ppi pixel density – so this will be one high-res display. The exact resolution wasn’t part of the listings, but it’s speculated to be 1,440×1,080. This e-reader will also sport a new way to turn pages, by simply pressing lightly on the bezel, thanks to a new sensor that will be built-in.

SanDisk unveils microSD card that goes up to 95MB/s

SanDisk is putting out the most exciting products as far as memory cards can be exciting – first the 512GB SD card and now the UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) microSD cards. U3 rating means that the cards can reach write speeds of up to 90MB/s and read speeds of 95MB/s.
The SanDisk Extreme PRO cards are aimed at high-quality 2160p video recording that can quickly grow up in bitrate.

Apple puts up support page for migrating from Android phone to iPhone

There is no doubt the new iPhone 6 and especially the iPhone 6 Plus are aimed squarely at the flagship Android devices. Tim Cook himself admitted in a recent interview that it is an opportunity for them to switch people from Android to iOS, and they are doing everything they can to win back those people who they lost to Android because they didn’t have a big screen phone.
Well, other than just having a big screen phone, Apple is also helping out people who might be on the fence to switching over. One thing they did is put up a support page on their website that details how you can go about migrating your content from your Android phone to an iPhone.

Relonch camera is an iPhone case with APS-C sensor

During Photokina in Germany, the startup company Relonch released an Apple iPhone case with a massive APS-C sensor built-in. Dubbed Relonch Camera, the accessory will reportedly be available for iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6 when it launches.
Relonch Camera will connect to the smartphone via the Lightning port. It will reportedly have a fixed lens with f/2 or better aperture. The accessory will also have the ability to act as a backup battery to the iPhone.

Toshiba releases ultra-thin 20MP CMOS image sensor for high-end smartphones

Toshiba released a brand new 20MP CMOS image sensor, designed specifically with high-end mobile devices in mind. Sporting the rather uninspiring model number T4KA7, the 1.12 micron component will allow the development of sub-6mm camera modules.
Toshiba T4KA7 has an optical size of 1/2.4” and features high-speed circuit technology that allows it to deliver 22fps at full resolution image capture. The aforementioned result represents an 83% improvement over Toshiba’s previous 20MP sensor.

The new iOS 8 starts rolling out today

You've heard all about iOS 8 now you can experience it for yourself - the new version of the operating system is out of beta after months of testing and is about to start rolling out to devices worldwide.
The new iOS is compatible with iPhone 4S and later, iPad 2 and later, any iPad mini, the iPod touch 5th generation.

Keep in mind that one of the new features, Handoff, that syncs various activities with Mac OS X Yosemite will start working only next month.
Before you start the update it's advisable to make a backup and to have 2GB or so of free storage. You can update from the phone itself (Settings > General > Software updates) or from iTunes. Actual seeding should start at about 5PM GMT, so keep an eye on your iDevice when the time comes.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Eyefi announces cloud service for its Mobi cards

Eyefi announced a private cloud service specifically for its Mobi SD cards. Eyefi cards have built-in Wi-Fi modems in them so they upload photos over the Internet even if your camera can’t. Anyway, with Eyefi Cloud photos will be uploaded and synced to any of your connected devices.
Even if you use multiple cameras everything will be synced in one place. This is both for cameras with Eyefi Mobi cards installed and for smart devices with the app installed.

Eyefi announces cloud service for its Mobi cards

Eyefi announced a private cloud service specifically for its Mobi SD cards. Eyefi cards have built-in Wi-Fi modems in them so they upload photos over the Internet even if your camera can’t. Anyway, with Eyefi Cloud photos will be uploaded and synced to any of your connected devices.
Even if you use multiple cameras everything will be synced in one place. This is both for cameras with Eyefi Mobi cards installed and for smart devices with the app installed.

Leica announces the M Edition 60, goes for nostalgia over logic

Leica has announced a limited edition M Edition 60, a digital camera that wants you to reminisce about the good old days of film photography by throwing away everything great about digital photography.
In case you didn’t notice, there is no display on the back. This means there is no interface to adjust things, which is fine because there are dials and knobs which can do that. What they can’t do is let you review your photo once you’ve taken on it, to ensure everything from the composition to the focus, white balance, and exposure are accurate.

Google Play Newsstand now available in India, Netherlands, Russia, and Spain

Following the announcement of Android One in India yesterday, Google also opened the Newsstand section in the Play Store in the country, with free one year subscription to paid content.
But India is not the only country to get the Newsstand section; it is now also available in Netherlands, Russia, and Spain. Previously, these countries could only access the free content through the Play Newsstand app but now they can purchase premium content through the dedicated section in the Play Store.
If you are in either of these countries, you will see the new section highlighted in the Play Store.

Canon announces PowerShot G7 X, SX60 HS, and N2

Photokina is here and Canon has announced three new point and shoot cameras. The best of the lot by far is the new PowerShot G7 X, which features a new one-inch sensor.
The new 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor has an ISO range of 125-12800 and is paired with Canon’s new Digic 6 processor. The camera has a new 31 point AF system and a continuous shooting mode of 6.5fps. The lens is a 24-100mm equivalent with an aperture range of f/1.8 to f/2.8. The lens features a nine-blade aperture diaphragm and a built-in ND filter. The G7 X can record videos in 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Microsoft sends out invites for a Windows 9 event on September 30

In line with past rumors, Microsoft sent out invites for a dedicated Windows 9 press gathering. The hotly anticipated event will take place in San Francisco.
Redmond’s upcoming announcement will also focus on enterprise. The company’s executives Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson will talk about the future of Microsoft Windows.
Release of a Windows 9 Technical Preview is all but certain. The increasing number of leaked screenshots and videos also points in this direction.

CyanogenMod 11.0 M10 released, adds Sprint’s Galaxy S5 and drops CDMA Galaxy Nexus

Another month has passed, so it’s time for another ‘M’ release by CyanogenMod. The popular custom ROM for Android is now at M10 for CyanogenMod 11.0, based on Android 4.4 KitKat.
The new software adds support for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S5, but it also drops support for the Verizon and Sprint versions of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from yesteryear.

China Mobile could delay iPhone 6 launch until 2015

The newly announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus may have received more than 4 million pre-orders in 24 hours, but the two devices are facing a delayed launch in China.
At this point it's really unclear when the iPhone 6 will arrive in the world's biggest smartphone market. Not even China Mobile knows. And that's the country's biggest carrier, with around 800 million customers.

According to an unconfirmed report, Apple has yet to get its new iPhones certified for sale in China by the country's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which has apparently failed to reach an agreement with the Cupertino-based company on the matter. Without this certification, you simply can't legally sell phones in China, so the situation isn't looking good for Apple.

Moto X (2014) review

The new Moto X arrived exactly a year after its predecessor brought us customizable looks, wrapped in a sleek body, proudly wearing the "Made in USA" label. The new flagship of the company is likely one of the last Motorola products developed during Google's reign of the company - the storied American brand is bound to soon become part of Lenovo.
New Moto X official photos
Like the first generation Moto X, the successor boasts a customizable body. This year, the manufacturer has brought even more personalization possibilities to the table, headed by high quality, genuine Horween leather back options.
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC found inside the Moto X is the default option in this year's class of high-end Android smartphones. The device's 5.2" 1080p AMOLED display and the 13MP camera with UHD video recording are also ready to take on the competition.
As always, here goes the full list of features the new Moto X has to offer, followed by some of its shortcomings.

JR: Smartphones shipment to reach 1.2 billion in 2014

Analyst company Juniper Research estimates that global smartphone shipments for 2014 will reach 1.2 billion units. That's a 19% increase compared to 2013 when global smartphone shipments were estimated at 985 million.
The growth in smartphone shipments comes primarily from emerging markets. There, the sub-$150 offerings are selling like hot cakes and this trend is expected to continue. Smartphones below the $75 mark are expected to bring further growth to the market.

Custom firmware brings iOS 7 features to really old iPhones

iOS has a growing developer community and while it's very far from the jungle of custom ROMs available for Android, here's a start. The Whited00r firmware brings iOS 7 look and feel to devices that are no longer supported by Apple.
The supported devices include the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G, the first and second-generation iPod touch. The related Grayd00r project supports the third-get iPod Touch and the original iPad.
Note that despite the looks, Whited00r is actually based on iOS 3.x. That said it includes multitasking, control center, Siri, lockscreen notifications and new camera app with video recording.

Both the official App Store and Cydia are available, though keep in mind that many apps will not run on the older OS. That's where the AppTimeMachine feature steps in and gives you access to applications that no longer support iOS 3.x.

NFC on the iPhone 6 only works with Apple Pay

The Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus come with NFC connectivity that makes the Apple Pay service work. However, that's just about what the connectivity protocol will be used to, at least in the beginning.

This is confirmed by an Apple spokesperson for Cult of Mac, who declined to reveal the company's future plans of additional uses of the NFC chip. Allegedly though, the company is considering opening the NFC on the iPhone 6 duo to third-party developers in the future.

LG teases Wine Smart, a flip smartphone

Smart flip phones are odd ducks, an attempt to rekindle the nearly extinct form factor. They never get much attention but LG will be introducing a specimen soon – the LG Wine Smart.
Wine is a series of flip phones available in the US, Canada but also in South Korea and Japan. There's a dedicated website – – for the new device and it's entirely in Korean, so chances of western availability are slim.
Everything else about the phone is unknown though, not even what OS it will be running. The teaser image shows a glowing button and the Korean text refers to a special button but with nothing on its function.
The dates suggest the LG Wine Smart will be introduced this week so we'll be on the lookout for more details.
Note that we've brightened the original image to make it easier to see.

China Creates Its First Smartphone Sidewalk Lane


Taking a cue from an American TV program, the Chinese city of Chongqing has created a smartphone sidewalk lane, seemingly offering a path for those too engrossed in messaging and tweeting to watch where they're going.

But the property manager says it's intended to be ironic - to remind people that it's dangerous to tweet while walking the street.

New Battery Findings May Herald Faster Charging Smartphones

In a finding that may help extend smartphone battery life, scientists have found that rapid-charging and draining does not damage the lithium ion battery electrode as previously thought.

A comprehensive look at how tiny particles in a lithium ion battery electrode behave shows that the benefits of slow draining and charging may have been overestimated. The results challenge the prevailing view that "supercharging" batteries is always harder on battery electrodes than charging at slower rates, researchers said.

Adidas miCoach Smart Run Smartwatch Launched


German sportswear major Adidas has joined the smartwatch bandwagon in India with its 'miCoach Smart Run', priced at Rs 24,999, which will allow users to monitor heart rate and play music.

The smartwatch, which will be available exclusively on Adidas website, will also allow runners to track their runs using GPS mapping.

Now, Apps to Help Brides Track Down the Perfect Wedding Gown


Finding the perfect wedding gown can be a daunting task but new apps can help women narrow the options by helping them find and virtually try hundreds of designs.

Brides spent on average $1,281 dollars on their wedding gowns in 2013, according to wedding website TheKnot, which surveyed 13,000 couples who were married last year.

Creative Sound Blaster E Series Audio Solution Launched

Creative on Monday launched the Sound Blaster E Series audio solution in India, meant for a variety of platforms including PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. The devices function both ad external sound cards and headphone amplifiers.

Apple Medical Trials Shed Light on How HealthKit Will Work


Two prominent U.S. hospitals are preparing to launch trials with diabetics and chronic disease patients using Apple Inc's HealthKit, offering a glimpse of how the iPhone maker's ambitious take on healthcare will work in practice.

HealthKit, which is still under development, is the center of a new healthcare system by Apple. Regulated medical devices, such as glucose monitors with accompanying iPhone apps, can send information to HealthKit. With a patient's consent, Apple's service gathers data from various health apps so that it can be viewed by doctors in one place.

Sprint Prepaid Plans Reconfigured To Mirror Boost Mobile Plans

Sprint prepaid
Sprint’s experiment in a branded prepaid plan outside of its prepaid group continues and it seems that common sense has prevailed rather than the previous two attempts that made Sprint Prepaid the least attractive prepaid service in the industry. Starting today, the three Sprint Prepaid plans will now start at $35 for 1GB of data, $45 for 3GB, and the $55 plan will now include 6GB of data per month. However, Sprint Prepaid is one of the few branded prepaid services that does include taxes and fees in its monthly rates, which is something to keep in mind when shopping for prepaid service.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Nikon D750 With 24.3-Megapixel CMOS Sensor Launched at Rs. 1,34,450


Nikon India on Friday announced the launch of their latest DSLR camera - the D750. The Japanese company proudly claims that the D750 is 'the smallest and lightest FX-format (full-frame) digital SLR camera'. The D750 body-only is priced at Rs. 134,450 and according to Nikon the D750 + AF-S NIKKOR 24-120MM F/4G ED VR lens kit will be available starting November 2014.

WhatsApp iPhone App Confirms Voice Calling Feature Launch Imminent


Voice calling, the one big feature missing from WhatsApp's arsenal, is coming to the popular platform soon. We've been hearing about this feature since February, when WhatsApp CEO Jan Kuom announced that the voice calling feature would be added to Android and iPhone first, followed by BlackBerry, Nokia and Microsoft platforms. Now, NDTV Gadgets has spotted a mention of the feature in WhatsApp's iPhone app, which all but confirms that the feature is indeed nearing launch.

DIY: Building the Cheapest Gaming PC You'll Actually Want to Buy


A gaming PC can be a lot cheaper than a console, and you also have a lot more flexibility about your budget - you can skimp now, and upgrade to the monster rig of your dreams later if you choose.

There's an intimidating number of choices available but we can help you to build up a budget rig on your own. Our focus is on building the cheapest gaming rig that still delivers an acceptable experience. Clearly, this machine we'll build will not be for the purists - we'll do that at a later stage - but something that you can use as a reference point if you are looking to take your gaming a little bit more seriously.

You can then choose to step up from there depending on how much you're able to spend and what level of graphical quality you're looking for.

Microsoft buys the company that made Minecraft for $2.5 billion

Microsoft has purchased gaming company Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, for the cool $2.5 billion. The company shares that its partnership with the game maker began when the two discussed the Xbox One version of the game.
Since Minecraft’s launch in 2009, it has been downloaded by more than 100 million users. As Xbox boss Phil Spencer states, Microsoft will continue to make Minecraft available across non-PC and Xbox platforms, such as iOS, Android and PlayStation.

Samsung NX1 smart camera with 28MP APS-C sensor, DCI 4K video unveiled

Samsung unveiled the Samsung NX1, a mirrorless shooter with a 28MP BSI APS-C sensor. It’s a smart camera with 15fps burst shooting and DCI 4K video capture.
The company also unveiled a new telephoto lens, the NX 50-150mm f/2.8 with OIS.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II gets official

Just as was leaked a few days ago, the new Canon EOS 7D Mark II was officially announced at Photokina. The DSLR has been years in the making, and it will be in stores in November.
It comes with a 20.2 MP APS-C sensor, which can record 1080p video at 60fps. The camera has Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus, and Canon’s first 65-point All Cross Type autofocus.

4K video recording app for iPhone 5s now available, costs $999.99

This isn’t a joke! Apple has approved the Vizzywig 4K app for iPhone 5s, which enables 4K video recording with 24 fps on the 2013 smartphone. It costs $999.99 (€899.99) and works only on iPhone 5s with 32GB or 64GB storage.
The app captures 24 burst images per second in 4K resolution and then stitches them together in just 1s footage. This means you’ll lose about 72MB for each second of your video. This explains the requirement for the 32GB+ iPhone model!

A luxury smartwatch from TAG Heuer is in the works

Word is that French luxury group LVMH is planning to release a smartwatch through its TAG Heuer brand.
The latest news is confirmed by Swiss newspaper NZZ am Sonntag, where LVMH exec and former Swatch and Hublot board member Jean-Claude Biver confirmed that TAG Heuer is working on a smartwatch.

‘BioShock’ for iOS game review

BioShock needs very little introduction. If you have been playing video games for the past decade or so, you would have heard about it far too many times by now and most probably played it back when it released on the PC and consoles in 2007.
The full game has now been ported over to iOS and is available on both, the iPhone and the iPad. There has been a reasonable amount of hype surrounding the iOS version, considering how popular the PC and console versions were, so let’s see how good the port is.

Samsung makes another infographic detailing Galaxy Note 4 specs

Samsung is really fond of making infographics, and there is usually one for every new product they release. The latest one is for their newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4.
The infographics runs through the various specs, such as the phone’s dimensions, display resolution, camera, software features, hardware, connectivity, and all the sensors.
You can find the full infographic in the link below.

Xiaomi developer launches stock Android 4.4 ROMs for the Mi 3 and Mi 4

A developer at Xiaomi has published an AOSP version of Android 4.4 KitKat for the Xiaomi Mi 3 and Mi 4. This is a strong indication that the company intends to officially release stock, vanilla versions of Android for a select number of phones for users to flash.
The ROM is compiled using the official kernel and as a result is stable and without too many bugs. In fact, just now, the latest published ROM includes support for over-the-air updates and the Xiaomi developer in question says upcoming updates will be available via the OTA.
Xiaomi is among the first companies to make flashing stock Android an option for its smartphones. Oppo also did this for the N1 thanks to its cooperation with Cyanogen and its nice to see that Xiaomi is working towards such an option, too.

Asus tests its first Android TV set-top box dubbed Nexus Player

Android TV is coming this fall and manufacturers are preparing their upcoming products to conquer people’s living rooms. Asus is one of them, and leaked benchmarks of its Nexus Player show the company is testing its first Android TV set-top box.
The unannounced set-top box runs Android L and packs a quad-core 1.83GHz Intel x86 CPU and a PowerVR Rogue G6430 GPU complete with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The system has undergone tests on 23.7″ and 31.9″ displays, both of 1080p resolution.