Tuesday, 22 April 2014

David Moyes: Manchester United manager sacked by club

Manchester United manager David Moyes has been sacked, only 10 months after succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson.

He was dismissed at a meeting with executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward at the club's Carrington training ground shortly after 0800 BST.
Moyes, 50, was chosen by Ferguson as the man to succeed him when he retired after 26 years in charge last summer

Player-coach Ryan Giggs is expected to take charge of United's next game at home against Norwich on Saturday.
The BBC understands coaches Steve Round and Jimmy Lumsden have also left their posts.

The club had previously refused to comment on national newspaper reports  on Monday that Moyes - who left Everton to sign a six-year deal with the Premier League champions - would be dismissed before the end of the season. Continue....

Alcohoot: Puts Your Alcohol Drinking In Check

Alcohoot is a breathanalyzing app that tracks your consumption and reveals your
drinking trends. So, how does it work? The app has a device plugged into your smartphone directly through the headphone jack tracking

The app helps discover how your body reacts to alcohol so you can drink better and make smarter choices. you can use your unique and personal data to learn how to drink better and avoid ending your night too early.

Alcohoot is based on fuel cell technology, which is the same technology used by professional police breathalyzers.
Alcohoot fits easily to any pocket or purse, and at only 50 grams is easy to carry around anywhere.
The app is available on Android as well as iOS.

How To Browse The Internet For Free On FreeZone

Seriously, if Google won't charge you for using their search engine, you can also get to search for information on the same search engine without being charged.

Watch the video to learn how to check your Gmail and G+ accounts and also surf the internet for free using Airtel Freezone powered by Google

Monday, 21 April 2014

"No rumour or gossip can break our marriage" - Annie Idibia

In a recent interview with City People, Annie Idibia is quoted as saying no amount of gossip can ruin her marriage with the love of her life, 2face Idibia
"My husband and I have already made up our minds that no gist or gossip would come between us. We laugh over the controversy. Our friends and families are even more worried for us but we are fine and don't bother about the gossip."
That's the spirit!!! 

Why People want ‘Blind watch’ even though they can see

IT is amazing that over 1000 people have pre-ordered the not yet released, Bradley Timepiece designed for blind people, but what is even more shocking is that only about 2 percent of those people are blind.
The watch, named after Bradley Snyder, a Paralympian gold medallist who lost his sight in Afghanistan, is already proving to be a tech design trail blazer not for the visually impaired but for the rest of the world. The watch has a stark, circular titanium face. There are no hands. There are no numbers. Around a groove in the centre a ball-bearing rotates to mark the minutes. continue...

E-Government: Anambra embarks on resident identification programme

To improve public service delivery to her citizens in the areas of health, welfare and transportation, among others, the government of Anambra State is investing in residents’ identification programme.
The project being executed by Chams PLC will enable the government of Anambra State to provide better public services at less cost to residents across rural and urban areas of the state. continue...

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Oh dear! P-Square on the verge of splitting. Read full details...

Yesterday I reported about the friction going on between the Okoye brothers. I didn't say they'd split, I only asked a question based on all the things I've been hearing and Jude Okoye's tweet. When asked yesterday, P-Square's publicist, Bayo Adetu, said the report is 'baseless and untrue'. Unfortunately, it is not! It's either Bayo is clueless as to what is happening in the Okoye household at the moment or he thinks the best thing to do for now is to deny that there's anything going on.

I wrote that the twin brothers Peter and Paul engaged in physical combat on Wednesday. If this was false, Peter is a social media person, he would have immediately denied it. He didn't!

Unfortunately P-Square fans, things are even worse than I reported yesterday. According to my findings, Peter Okoye wants out of P-Square and they have even gone as far as inviting a lawyer to divide their fortune. Continue...

How South African Immigration officials hate on Nigerians...

A travel agent narrates how her client was disrespected, illegally held in a cell and deported from South Africa after arriving the country yesterday April 18th...because according to SA immigration, the man hadn't paid for his hotel reservation. And we've all heard the stories of how Nigerians and their businesses are attacked in the country. What is going on? Read what she wrote below...
"One of my biggest clients, Michael Olusegun Osatuyi decided to spend a weekend break during the Easter period in South Africa to get away from the stress of his job for a while.
"He purchased a South African Airways Business Class ticket worth over N500,000 for this purpose and proceeded to set out on Thursday, April 17th 2014. As with all trips abroad he had previously made, he made a hotel reservation via booking.com. When he arrived the Lagos airport, he was informed he could not board the flight unless the reservation had been paid for. This was promptly done on the hotel website, Crowne Plaza Rosebank Johannesburg and the card was pre-authorised after which he was allowed to board the flight.

Badoo love: How kidnappers lure men into their graves with online dates

Found this report on Saturday Sun about how a gang use dating website Badoo to lure men to lonely places where they rob and sometimes kill them. Find the full report below...
Members of a five-man gang of kidnappers, including a lady, have given a gory detail of how they lure men through a popular online dating website known as Badoo to a lonely spot where they attack and rob them of their valuables while the unfortunate ones will be strangled.
The suspects, Micheal Eneji, his brother, Emmanuel Eneji, Chukwu Chibueze, Gift Princess, and Lekia Emmaden Isaac, were apprehended by the Rivers State police command  days after the family of one of their latest victims, Shola Olaseinde reported the victim missing. Continue...

Easter message to the nation from President Jonathan

Easter message from Mr President..
Dear Compatriots,
I greet you all, especially our Christian brothers and sisters who are celebrating Easter and commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ today. 
As we join Christians in other countries of the world in celebrating Easter this year, I urge all Nigerians to reflect on the significance of its lessons of piety, obedience to higher authorities, self sacrifice for the good of others, redemption, salvation, deliverance, renewal and the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

Disturbing video of drunk policeman assaulting 2 women in Lagos

A drunk police officer with the Mopol 20 in Lagos identified as Tafa Mohammed was filmed brutalizing 2 women at Lewis Street, Lafiaji, Obalende, Lagos Island, after one of the ladies, a street food vendor, refused to sell him fish to finish up his beer.

According to Sahara Reporters, the food seller was said to have declined to sell fish alone, except to those buying food with it, a vendor policy that angered the policeman. The policeman, who was reeking of alcohol according to eye witnesses, then targeted a female customer who was buying food from the same vendor and pulled the women into muddy water where he physically assaulted her.

Mohammed is then seen drawing his gun and pointing it at one of the women and was actually backed-up with the presence of another mopol. The torture reportedly caused internal injuries for the victim. Watch the disturbing video after the cut...

Doyin Okupe takes responsiblity for misinformation on abducted girls

Mr Doyin Okupe, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, yesterday took full responsibility for the misinformation on the 100+ abducted Government Girls Secondary students who were taken from their hostel on Monday 14th in Chibok, Borno state by Boko Haram men. He had issued a statement saying the military had released the girls. It was later found to be false. The girls are still missing.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Prophet in police net over false prophecy

Alphonsus Ezie, a 56year old prophet with the Celestial Church of Christ Igando District, Lagos State has been arrested and remanded in prison by the police for tricking his congregation with a false prophecy, PM news reports.

Prophet Ezie had on a Sunday service prophesied seeing some members of his congregation traveling to Netherland for greener pastures and coming back home successful. He asked all those interested in making the prophecy fulfilled in their lives to meet with his friend, Mr Samuel, a travel agent, to help them with their travel papers. And Mr Samuel disappeared with their money..lol. Continue

Bayelsa Gov’t Shuts Down Markets, Projects Suspended, For Marriage Ceremony of President Jonathan’s Foster Daughter

The Seriake Dickson-led administration has shut down several facets of the state government following the announcement of a marriage ceremony of a foster daughter of the president. The announcement compelled the government to close down markets in the Bayelsa capital in Yenagoa.

The development and announcement jolted thousands of traders in the state, and motions surrounding it took effect on Thursday. President Goodluck Jonathan arrived in the state capital Thursday evening to prepare for the event scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

NASA's robotic space surgeon(telemedicine doctor in remote areas)

Robonaut 2

It won't panic in an emergency, its hands don't shake after too little sleep, it won't miss a family after months away from base - in fact it doesn't even need to breathe.

Nasa's Robonaut 2 has the makings of the perfect space surgeon.

The humanoid has already been posted to the International Space Station, the only problem is its motor skills are somewhat rudimentary at the moment.

In truth, it can't even walk in zero gravity yet, and perhaps its most impressive physical feat to date has been to catch a floating roll of duct-tape.

But Nasa has high hopes for the new recruit, and techniques being developed by a team on the ground could mean the machine can eventually perform life-saving operations on its team-mates.

"The idea is for him to be the best medic, nurse, and physician," Dr Zsolt Garami of the Houston Methodist Hospital tells the BBC.

"Our plan is to use Robonaut as a telemedicine doctor in remote areas."

As Robonaut's name suggests, it is not alone. There are currently four versions of the android with more in development.

Samsung Windows 8 Phone Goes Official

Samsung Ativ SE, a windows based OS phone is now official. The device running on Windows Phone 8 is a 5-inch 1080p display, a 13-megapixel camera, and an unspecified 2.3GHz quad-core processor (most likely the Snapdragon 800) with 2GB of RAM. It also has a 2,600mAh battery, 16GB of storage, and microSD card expansion.
Though Samsung is yet to formally announce the phone, but Verizon has began to take pre-orders. Verizon is even offering to give away one free for any pre-order. The device cost $599.99  (without contract) on their site. Verizon also promises to start shipping as from April 12th.

Mozilla CEO, Resigns To Protect Company's Philosophy

Just few days after Brendan Eich, creator of javascript, steps up as the CEO of Mozilla (the company he co-founded) he has also willing resigned. This is due to the conflict that exist between his personal belief and the Mozilla community. 

According to Mitchell Baker, the Executive Chairwoman, Mozilla as an organisation "believes both in equality and freedom of speech. Equality is necessary for meaningful speech. And you need free speech to fight for equality. Figuring out how to stand for both at the same time can be hard.

New USB Standard To Be Developed

The most abundant connector standard in technology, the Universal Serial Bus, is getting ready for its most revolutionary change yet with a new specification that will be finalized in July of this year. Breaking physical compatibility with current ports, USB Type-C is much smaller than the USB plugs you're used to and is, perhaps more importantly, symmetrical. The reversible design means you'll be able to connect a Type-C cable without worrying about the plug's orientation or the cable's direction.

Google's Modular Smartphone Project

Google post video of the team that is working on its initiative to create a fully modular smartphone. The video reveals some interesting details about what could be the future of smartphones.

New York Based Start-up Develops Body Dryer

Have you ever thought about a device or machine that could do your towelling for you after bath?
A New York based start-up has developed body dryer that dry your body after bath.
Wondering how it works? Simple. After having your bath, you can just switch it on by the side and then step on it. It then blows breeze upward to dry your wet body. It works pretty much like the hand dryer you see around so is really nothing out of this world.

Flavour Releases New Music Video, "Black Is Beautiful"

Chinedu Okoli, better known as Flavour N'abania, or simply Flavour has just released a new video titled "Black Is Beautiful". The clip was directed by Trademark Pictures. You can watch the video here. Some of his lines sounds like 2face's "African Queen." Or is he trying to make allusion? Share your view below.

Hands On Nokia XL

Samsung's ChatOn Gets New Updates

Samsung has just updated its chat service, ChatON to version 3.5. The new update offers:
  • Recalling sent messages
  • Large file sharing up to 1GB
  • Real-time location sharing

Twitter To Introduce Twitter Helmet™

Twitter has pre-announce its Twitter Helme, a sophisticated, fully immersive, staggeringly high-resolution wearable device that allows our users to interact with the world around them entirely via a custom aviary interface.

The helmet is said to have been created with an impact-resistant, oleophobic-treated glass. The wearer can tweet through a simple “pecking” head motion.
A release on the their blog reveals that the product will be available for purchase by mid-September 2014 for $139.99 retail.

Apple To Host Worldwide Developers Conference In June 2014

Its being revealed that Apple will be holding its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2 through 6 at San Francisco’s Moscone West. The company announced othis on Thursday.

The focus for this years conference is on Apple's two major platforms, iOS and OS X.
Developers interested in attending can apply for tickets (each will set you back $1,599) through the 

WWDC website between Thursday and Monday. However, applying for the tickets doesn't automatically grant you access to the conference. Instead, Apple will randomly select 5,000 participants, who will be publicly announced on April 7 at 5:00 p.m. PT.
Details of this year's WWDC is here.

Fans Sue Beyonce

Beyonce has been taken to court by two of her fans Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson. They claim that she is partially responsible being  knocked to the ground and trampled on a rushing mob at Beyonce’s concert in Chicago. They believe that she and her promoter was supposed to have done something to avoid for an incidence. 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014



Closing Date: Apr 17, 2014

The Job

The programme is designed to equip talented and fresh graduates with requisite skills (professional and soft) necessary to assume leadership roles. After a highly competitive selection process, successful candidates will undergo a systematic training programme involving formal training and attachments for 12 months. At the end of the training programme, successful candidates will be considered for vacant positions in the company.


REQUIREMENTS Prospective candidates must possess a minimum of HND (Upper Credit) or Bachelor’s degree (Second Class Lower division) in any discipline, obtained through full-time study. Minimum of 5 credits in SSCE or GCE ‘O’ level at one sitting, which must include English Language and Mathematics. Completion of NYSC. Not more than 28 years old by April 30, 2014 The programme is only open to graduates who obtained their HND/bachelor’s degree in the last six years.



Monday, 31 March 2014

BBM To Arrive On Windows Phone, CEO Reaffirms

During the Mobile World Congress the CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen already revealed that BBM will be hitting Microsoft's Windows Phone, even though there was no specific date was stated then.

Now, BlackBerry's CEO John Chen has reaffirmed that the company's plan for Windows Phone smartphones and confirmed that the BBM app will be released by second quarter (May or June) this year. Chen added that the instant messaging service will be released for the Nokia X platforms and the app will come preloaded on some Nokia devices in selective markets. Chen also indicated that BBM will come preinstalled on some Lumia devices, once the app is released for the Windows Phone platform.

Data Or No Data, FireChat Gets You Chatting

Of course there are several chat services around - WeChat, WhatsApp, and a host of others - but this is quite different. FireChat is an iOS-enabled app which uses Apple's Multipeer Connectivity framework essentially a peer-to-peer feature that lets you share messages with other app users nearby. This app does not require any data connection whatsoever to work.

The app browses for other users nearby while simultaneously broadcasting to peers that it is available to connect to. According to the company, this "Nearby" mode works best when the devices are within 30-feet.
This allows you to be invited into a "session" with multiple users. Each user has to be within range of just one member of the chat, so the mesh can spread outwards and cover a lot more range as more people join in.

As good as the app sounds its very limiting. Why would you want to download a chat service that you can only send or receive messages within close range. It doesn't sound like an advantage. However, it could be a good tool for enterprise.

The app can only work on iOS for now. The android version is underway.

So, what do you think about the app? Share your opinion below.

Marissa Mayer, The Power That Holds Yahoo!

Named as Forbes' Top 50 most powerful women is Marissa Mayer. She is the incumbent CEO of Yahoo. She started off her career in Google as the 20th employee. She worked on a good number of Google products until she became vice president of search products and user experience.

When it was time to change job, leading Yahoo was her target and she got it!

Here is some few gist about her