Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Samsung Launches 'Smart Learning' Store for the Education Sector

Samsung on Tuesday announced the launch of Smart Learning, what the company is calling India's first education store, under its MSC (Media Solutions Center) division.

Boost Mobile To Launch Limited-Time Promotional Plans On Wednesday

boost-mobile-logo_1In a bid to be more competitive against other prepaid services and increase the appeal of the brand among data-conscious users, Boost Mobile will increase data on its current plan slate until November 3rd, though dealers have already confirmed that the plans could become a permanent change, if they attract enough new subscribers.

MetroPCS To Increase Data and Bring Back Four Line $100 Promotion

T-Mobile’s MetroPCS is starting to feel the squeeze from competitors such as the AT&T-powered Cricket and other MVNOs, as the flat-rate monthly service brand is set to increase data allotments on its popular $40 and $50 monthly plans by 500MB in order to better compete, with the $40 plan going up to 1GB and the $50 monthly plan going up to 3GB of data per month. While the changes mean that MetroPCS is merely matching current competition, the brand still has key advantages over its competitors such as unthrottled access to its LTE network and full support for T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling service along with the inclusion of taxes and fees on all of its monthly service rates.

Reports: Sprint and SoftBank Cut New Deal with Sony Mobile

Sony Mobile logoAccording to new reports by Reuters and the Wall Street Journal, following Sharp’s new agreement with SoftBank and Sprint announced in the last couple of weeks, Sony Mobile is the latest manufacturer to cut a new distribution deal with SoftBank that will also benefit Sprint in the US with an expanded range of smartphones and tablets. While everyone involved is refusing immediate comment on the reports, the deal is expected to be announced during the IFA tradeshow being held next week with the launch of a new flagship Z3 model, while more details on Sprint’s end of the deal are expected during the CTIA tradeshow the week following IFA.

Top 10 Best Online Places To Buy and Sell Wedding Dresses

Best online Places To Buy and Sell Wedding Dresses Top 10 Best Online Places To Buy and Sell Wedding DressesWedding is surely one of the most memorable events of an individual’s life and one should try to enjoy the day the best way possible. If you are about to get married and still looking for a decent designer to get your dress stitched, it is now time to take a deep breath and check out 10 best online places to buy and sell wedding dresses. You can always sell your expensive wedding dresses back to these outlets by getting a decent amount in return.
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Top 10 Richest Countries of the World in 2014

Hong Kong richest country1 Top 10 Richest Countries of the World in 2014There are a hundred of countries in the world but the best known for their wealth are the countries that enjoy the most of the popularity, and most of the visitors as per the statistics of 2014. We have been sharing much about the rich lists of the world and here we are again with the latest list of top 10 most richest countries of the World in 2014.
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Top 10 Most Popular Football Players on Social Media In 2014

Mario Balotelli Top 10 Most Popular Football Players on Social Media In 2014Social Media has certainly become the most easy medium to estimate the popularity of a celebrity as the concept of following fan pages and the race of increasing followers seems to grow day by day. Our Football players too are found way too active on different social media pages where they are often found sharing their recent pictures, happenings and everything what they wish to, with their followers. Below shown are the top 10 popular Football players on Social  Media in 2014. Have a look!

Top 10 Richest Film Directors In 2014

Top 10 Richest Film Directors In 2014 Top 10 Richest Film Directors In 2014Entertainment is an essential necessity of human life that’s helps to enjoy free hours day. Like all other domains, entertainment industry,too, has groomed significantly where Film industry has been ranked as the leading form of entertainment. If you love watching the films and want to know more about the real minds behind making good films, Enjoy the most updated list of Richest Film Directors in 2014.
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10 Rich Footballers Who Own a Side Business

David Beckham 10 Rich Footballers Who Own a Side BusinessAll you need to start an effective business to earn ready revenue is a name,popular enough to attract fans and followers and with our prominent Football players, the heritage continues. It has been noted that almost every sportsman sooner or later is found establishing his own set-up and so has been done by the Rich  Footballers who own a side business, as shown below.
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Top Ten Most Powerful Armies in the World

South Korea1 Top Ten Most Powerful Armies in the WorldThe world has gone totally nuts fighting for no reasons at times is investing a great deal of revenue to establish the most powerful armies in the world. Varying from situation to situation, country to country, below shared is the most updated list of top 10 most powerful armies in the world in 2014.
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Top 10 Most Profitable Businesses in Malaysia in 2014

Business Consultant Top 10 Most Profitable Businesses in Malaysia in 2014The world is turning into the most unpredictable place to live and due to the rising population there is also a competition for jobs. If you wish to give your family a good living standard and a luxurious life, you need to even think broader.Malaysia is a famous tourist spot and a good income place too. Here are the most profitable businesses in Malaysia in 2014. Let’s have a look!

10 Richest Singers of China in 2014

Anita Mui 10 Richest Singers of China in 2014Smart earning methods has definitely something interesting for its chinese readers who might be looking for the best of the singers in china having the most of the net worth as per the rankings released in 2014.
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Net Worth of Top 10 Most Popular Politicians In 2014

 Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Net Worth of Top 10 Most Popular Politicians In 2014Politicians are supposed to be the richest people having most of the equity for serving their nation in all ways possible, however, this is not completely true for all the nations. We have been analysing about the net worths of all the popular politicians as per the latest statistics revealed  in 2014 and figured out that the following 10 most popular politicians own the highest net worths.
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Best Check out Systems for E- Commerce Sites

Best Check out Systems for E Commerce Sites thumb Best Check out Systems for E  Commerce SitesIf you are somehow linked with the online earning domain and finding your current online payment checkout system a real miserable one, you need to get a hold on a variety of best check out systems for e-commerce sites in 2014.
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10 Best Companies to Work For In America

Google 10 Best Companies to Work For In AmericaUnited States of America is more like a dream for many, no doubts about it but when it comes to choosing the place to work in America, you need to think smart before saying yes to the opportunities that you might have. After a thorough research, we have come accross 10 best companies to work for, in America in 2014 and here is its quick list.
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Top 10 Richest Arabs Who Own Mercedes In 2014

The Gargash Family Top 10 Richest Arabs Who Own Mercedes In 2014Owning hot, expensive, luxurious and popular cars is something every soul on earth wish to have however, there are only a few who live the life they really wish for and some of those lucky ones are all found in Arab. If you have been a Mercedes fan and looking forward to the richest Arabs who own Mercedes, you have surely landed up at the right place.
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Top 10 Richest Female Entrepreneurs In 2014

Oprah Winfrey Top 10 Richest Female Entrepreneurs In 2014There is found a misconception among the majority of people that women are born to look after families and kids whereas the research has proved that women can think twice as that of men when it comes to their domain of interest. If you are a woman living all your life at home or a professional, making money by working for someone else , you need to get inspired by the following top 10 richest female entrepreneurs in 2014 who are really rich by establishing their own businesses. Have a look!

10 Interesting Ways to Make Money from Home In 2014

Administrative Assistance 10 Interesting Ways to Make Money from Home In 2014If you are capable woman and look forward to add your share in spending a luxurious life by earning money all the way from home, you surely have a hundred of ways to cash your talent in the most easy and appropriate way. We have been enlightening our readers with new ideas on how can they make some decent amount of money online all the way from home and here were are again with some newly crispy ideas.
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Top 10 Online Shopping Stores in the World

top 10 online shopping websites Top 10 Online Shopping Stores in the World
Online shopping has become extremely popular these days, especially in developed countries. This is mainly due to the inconveniences faced by people when shopping in a supermarket. It is busy, it is tiring and hectic, and it is sometimes over priced. As a result, more and more people are now buying products online to save themselves all the trouble. In the year 2011, online sales crossed more than $230 Billion in the U.S alone! And approximately 83% of the people in North America have used online shopping at some point. Such big numbers means that online shopping has evolved into a huge market, and it is growing fast!
Online stores that have established themselves are making tonnes of money off this market. And many relatively newer players have entered the fray as well. Unfortunately, that also means that there are tonnes of scam and fraud websites that are stealing money from credit cards. You don’t need to worry about this though. It’s our job to find reliable and legit eCommerce websites for you. Your job is just to head over to these sites and shop! So here are the top 10 online retailer stores in the world!

Big Brother Africa postponed due to fire incident at BBA house in SA

Big Brother Africa Hotshots which was supposed to begin this Sunday 7th September has been postponed indefinitely after a fire incident at the BBA House in Johannesburg, South Africa (pictured above). Below is a press release from M-Net.
"M-Net and Endemol SA advise that due to a devastating fire at the Big Brother house on2 September 2014, Big Brother Hotshots will not launch this Sunday (7 September) as scheduled. The cause of the fire at this stage is unknown and investigations will commence as soon as it is safe to do so." 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

ISIS beheads another American journalist, Steven Sotloff

ISIS released a brutal video today showing the beading of a second U.S journalist, 31 year old Steven Sotlof. Sotloff had appeared in another video where U.S Journalist James Foley was killed two weeks ago (left. Sotloff pictured right at the execution scene). And it looks like Sotloff was killed by the same executioner who killed Foley on August 19th. He had same British accent and before beheading Sotloff, the terrorist said; 
"I'm back Obama, and I'm back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the Islamic State, because of your insistence on continuing your bombings on Mosul Dam, despite our serious warning. So just as your missiles continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people."
Sotloff disappeared while reporting in Syria a year ago. He worked for Time, Foreign policy & others

Chris Brown pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault charges in D.C

Chris Brown was in court today and according to reports, he accepted a plea deal in his Washington D.C. assault case.
Chris Brown pleaded guilty, and telling the judge he just wants this case to go away so he can go on tour. Brown had been charged with misdemeanor assault for punching a man in the face outside his tour bus last October. The judge sentenced him to time already served. Brown apologized in court ... saying the case had derailed his career for the past year. Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche was also in the courtroom lending moral support." TMZ reports...

It's officially a trend: Kim K & North West cordinate in bold stripes

Kim Kardashian likes to dress her daughter in similar outfits as herself. And I think it's cute! The mum and daughter coordinated in bold stripes as they prepared to jet out of LAX with Kanye West yesterday Monday September 1st. See more photos 

Best Buy selling the LG G Watch with a $50 discount

It’s only been a few months since the first wave of Android Wear devices hit the shelves and we are already preparing for the next ones. However, if you don’t mind picking up a slightly older model, Best Buy has a deal for you.
The deal is only available on the LG G Watch and gets you a $50 discount on the price tag, bringing it down to $179.99 if you order it from their online store, and not from their retail outlets. That’s a decent bit of discount if you were thinking of picking one right now.

Sony Xperia M2 Aqua review: Cliff diver

The Sony Xperia M2 Aqua will give you all the water resistance you need. That's more than enough for marketing to work with, but they'll need to work hard nonetheless. You see, it's otherwise a well familiar package. So, Sony will take you to the water but will they make you drink?
Although we can safely do without expectation management, the Aqua shouldn't be construed as an upgrade. It's more of a special waterproofed edition of the regular M2, which took care of the upgrades just fine, a few months back. The Aqua will serve a small niche but, luckily, not one that's packed with competitors. The Xperia M2 Aqua has the highest water-resistance rating for a mass-market smartphone. That's something very few, besides Sonim, can match. Yes, it's that serious.
Sony Xperia M2 Aqua
And for the users who don't care about water resistance, the Xperia M2 will gladly provide the rest. We're talking the same camera, chipset, screen and battery - in a package that's virtually the same size. With the regular M2 eligible for a KitKat upgrade, and already getting it in certain places, the water resistance is the only notable change by way of specs. Here they go anyway.

AnandTech founder Anand Shimpi joins Apple

The founder of one of the most in-depth mobile and computer tech sites, Anand Shimpi, is hanging up the tech journalism gloves as he joins Apple.
Founded in 1997, AnandTech is widely renowned for its technical analysis of personal computers and, more recently, mobile phones.

‘Alone’ for iOS and Android game review

Alone is the new side scrolling endless ‘running’ game from developer Laser Dog, the people who brought us the simple yet excellent PUK.
As with PUK, the developers have kept things simple with Alone, with a single finger control for controlling your spacecraft through falling debris and rocks. Let’s take a closer look.


Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 will bring alphabetical order to settings menu

Windows Phone 8.1 has already received its first general distribution release (GDR1) but now rumors are pointing to the second one. According to sources claiming they’ve played with a functional WP device running the GDR2 software the settings menu can finally be sorted alphabetically.
Currently the WP settings menu is a list of settings prioritized the way Redmond saw best and is very confusing to many users. The source claims that the Action center will carry a mobile data toggle and that Cortana (while still in Alpha phase) will become available to more markets.
We’ve heard that GDR2 will bring support for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 chipset and 2K display resolution support but no such things have been disclosed by the source.
Rumors suggest that the GDR2 developer preview will arrive in October but it could make it sooner than that.

Apple “actively investigating” iCloud hack that leaked celebrity photos

By now you must have seen the numerous photos of female celebrities in compromising positions floating around on the internet. Some of these celebrities included the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.
The subject of the photographs aside, it was being said that several of these photos were obtained by hacking into the iCloud account of these celebrities. As you may know, iCloud backs up the photos on your device automatically to the cloud, some thing most of these people were unaware of and thought deleted the photos from their device deleted them completely.

HTC-made Nexus 9 Magic Cover leaks with a keyboard in tow

Details regarding the upcoming Nexus 9 tablet from HTC known as Flounder/Volantis have leaked again. The latest one concerns the tablet’s smart cover, which will have some neat tricks up its sleeve.
The information is retrieved by AndroidPolice and has a lot of credibility to it. The Magic Cover, as it’s rumored to be called, sports a Bluetooth keyboard and will be available in leather and TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethan) material options.