Willie Obiano(APGA) Manifesto  

I am passionate, very enthusiastic and will continue the programs of the present administration to transform
our state to occupy its rightful place in Nigeria and Africa!

Building on the enviable foundation laid by Governor Obi, Continuity will be the guiding strategy and
theme of my administration. The importance of 'Continuity' is evident both at home and abroad as
Governments and private institutions who have adopted a similar theme have
benefitted immensely. I also intend to adopt the State's current strategy, christened: Anambra
Integrated Development Strategy (ANIDS). Today, ANIDS is and shall continue to be the driving force
behind the rapid development taking place across all sectors. Over my administration's first
12months, we will work tirelessly to Continue, Complete, Commission all ongoing projects
and Commence (4Cs) new projects across various sectors in the State.

We shall complete the construction of phase 2 of over 1,500 classroom blocks for primary schools
We shall complete the numerous faculty and administrative blocks at Anambra State University (ANSU) campuses and classrooms at Nwafor Orizu College of Education
We shall continue with the deployment of more Microsoft Academies; ongoing rehabilitation of secondary schools and sustain existing, strong, working relationship with the Church in transforming the education sector.

We shall complete the ongoing construction of over 300 km of roads and bridges across the State
We shall complete the rehabilitation and lighting of Ojukwu expressway, Onitsha

We shall continue with the ongoing construction of hostels and several administrative blocks at Schools of Nursing, Midwifery schools in parts of the State.
We shall continue with the construction of new classroom blocks at Schools of Nursing and Midwifery
 We shall continue with the rehabilitation and expansion of N10bn Onitsha water supply scheme
The expansion of greater Awka water supply scheme shall continue under my administration
We shall continue with the electrification projects across all regions in the Anambra State.

We shall continue with the beautification of Onitsha town as well as the restoration and
beautification of numerous parks across the State
We shall continue with the restoration of over 15 floodplain sites
We shall construct 35 major storm water management and erosion control sites
We shall continue with the ongoing construction of all commissioned housing estates (Ngozika II, Unity, etc.)
We shall continue with the construction of a modern city settlement (Greenwood) to contain the new Government House, Government Lodge, Judges quarters, large commercial and residential layouts
We shall continue the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) negotiations with the largest African chicken producer, Rainbow Chicken, to build comprehensive chicken production facility. 
We shall continue with the ongoing negotiations to secure a joint investment with Africa's No.1 distillers for the construction of a distillery
We shall complete the construction of two first-rate hotels in Onitsha and Agulu.
We shall complete the ongoing construction of three ultra-modern shopping malls in Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi.
We shall complete the construction via Public Private Partnership (PPP) of a N50 billion 260 mw independent power plant in Onitsha
We shall complete the construction of the N3 billion Onitsha football stadium and sports complex

We Shall:

leverage on our proximity to the River Niger and our boundary with 5 states (Abia, Imo, Enugu, Kogi, Rivers)
substantially develop all of our naturally endowed resources (such as natural gas, crude oil and fertile soil)
leverage Anambra State's strong relationships with foreign development finance institutions to raise more counter-part funding for socio-developmental projects
introduce the use of Private Public Partnership (PPP) & Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) models to drive development across all sectors
ensure that the Federal Government commences full operations of Onitsha Inland Ports
secure adequate funding from infrastructure-focused financial institutions for the large scale infrastructure needs of the State.
Word Health Organisation (WHO) to provide healthcare services at affordable costs to the general population
Continue significant funding and sourcing of international support for the equipping and management of Amaku Teaching Hospital, Awka
Provision of excellent healthcare services leveraging on a voluntary National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to improve technology and subsidize healthcare costs across the State
Promote Medical Tourism by persuading the Federal Government to create a Healthcare free trade zone in Anambra State
Partner with large foreign healthcare organizations (such as GE Health, Bill & Melinda Gates, etc.) to construct 3 new General Hospitals (Ihiala, Anambra East and Ogbaru) and 2 specialist hospitals in Awka and Nnewi
Provision of 10 medical emergency/trauma centres across all senatorial zones
Introduce free medical services for underprivileged pregnant women in general hospitals across the State.
FORWARD EVER... (My Articles of Faith) 

Prepare an all-inclusive education master plan to drive further development and progress within the sector
Creation of 3 State-funded specialized schools for the handicapped across the 3 senatorial zones
Introduction of a rigorous recruitment exercise and revised remuneration for teachers to attract the best resources in Nigeria across all levels of education
Introduction of basic ICT into all programs at all levels and curricula.
Prepare a revolutionary healthcare master plan with the support and assistance of UNICEF and WHO to provide healthcare services at affordable costs to the general population
Continue significant funding and sourcing of international support for the equipping and management of Amaku Teaching Hospital, Awka
Provision of excellent healthcare services leveraging on a voluntary National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to improve technology and subsidize healthcare costs across the State
Promote Medical Tourism by persuading the Federal Government to create a Healthcare free trade zone in Anambra State
Partner with large foreign healthcare organizations (such as GE Health, Bill & Melinda Gates, etc.) to construct 3 new General Hospitals (Ihiala, Anambra East and Ogbaru) and 2 specialist hospitals in Awka and Nnewi
Provision of 10 medical emergency/trauma centres across all senatorial zones
Introduce free medical services for underprivileged pregnant women in general hospitals across the

Source large financing and technical support from foreign developmental institutions to combat over 750 erosion sites
Continue to maintain cordial relationship with Federal Government with a view to attracting greater projects from the Federal Ministry of Environment in tackling the State's erosion issue
Create an environment taskforce to enforce against air, water and noise pollution and to reverse current 80% deforestation to reduce new occurrences of erosion
Introduce “plant-a-tree” schemes in all primary schools across the State
Seek foreign support from indigenes, international donors and corporate Nigeria to exponentially grow the State's ecological fund
Construction of 30 major storm water management and erosion control sites
Embark on numerous channelization (of flood plains) projects across the State
Introduce PPP initiatives for all levels of Waste Management value chain (collection, dump sites and recycling)
Provision of modern public sanitary sites in major cities (Awka, Nnewi and Onitsha) via PPP Build Operate & Own schemes
Commence large scale beautification projects in Awka, Nnewi and Onitsha
Construction of cemeteries across all local governments in the State
Infrastructure Development
Continue with the expansion of Awka Capital. Build 2 new modern cities/settlements (in addition to the Greenwood city) via PPP with competent real estate financiers which shall come complete with all social amenities (such as water scheme, sewer system, electricity and roads) in Nkwelle Ezunaka and Nnewi
Strategically build 700 km of roads, flyovers and pedestrian bridges (in addition to ongoing 300 km road projects) to harness potentials and enhance economic activities in the remote parts of the state.
Dualization of major high-traffic roads in our major cities (Awka, Nnewi and Onitsha)
Secure foreign infrastructure development institutions to develop an intra-state light rail system connecting all major cities (Awka-Onitsha-Nnewi) within the State
Leverage on the State's strong relationship with the Federal Government to accelerate the construction and deployment of inter-state rail transport to Anambra for easy movement, transport of raw materials and finished goods manufactured in the State to other parts of Nigeria
Provide via a BOT scheme an airstrip with human traffic and cargo facilities in Anambra North senatorial district to foster the development of the Oil and Gas, and agriculture sector in the State
Modernization of the State's transportation system by building bus stops, remodeling parks and introducing an electronic payment scheme
Development of a water transportation master plan A, with a view to providing indigenes (especially those in the riverine areas of the State) a quick and reliable transportation option for the movement of people, goods and services
Promote more investments in power to complement ongoing projects in power generation (such as the Onitsha 260mw IPP)
Leverage cordial relationship with Federal Government and initiate an intensive lobbying to fast-track the construction of the 2nd Niger Bridge, the dredging of the River Niger and Anambra River

Commerce & Industry
Create Anambra State Markets Agency (ASMA) to rehabilitate, construct and regulate all trade activities in all our major markets across the State
Construct new and organized markets via PPP schemes in surrounding towns of Onitsha and Nnewi
Invest in support infrastructure in existing industrial clusters in Onitsha, Nnewi and Ozubulu and create 2 new clusters in Orumba and Achalla
Set-up training schools that focus on educating Small-Medium Enteprise.
Incentivize private sector to embrace PPP to provide shared infrastructure statewide for use on “pay as you use” basis, such as:
Automotive parts production towns
Food processing Plants (Mills, Juicers, Packaging plant, etc)
Wood processing Plants
Storage Silos
Food packaging
Promote Exportation
Use PPP to set up a Bio-fuel and waste recycling plant to be sited at a major waste dump site in the outskirts of Onitsha
Assist existing automobile industry participants and attract at least 1 global auto brand to establish an assembly plant in the State
Improve existing patronage to local manufacturers and encourage other States and Federal Government to patronize domestic manufacturers
Create an annual N1bn youth empowerment grant scheme modeled after the Federal Government's YouWin! programme to tackle youth unemployment and foster economic growth
Create a new agency solely responsible for promoting, protecting, monitoring, regulating and facilitating investments in Anambra State Anambra State Investment Promotion & Protection
Agency (ANSIPPA)

Prepare a 5-year agricultural transformation agenda leveraging on the Federal Government's existing plan focusing on the development of the State's food basin (Ayamelum, Anambra West, Anambra East and Ogbaru) to ensure Anambra State becomes self-sufficient in all staple foods (rice, cassava, maize and yam) by 2018
Improve and expand the Root Crop Research Centre (Igbariam) into a full-fledged agro-institute,similar to International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) to provide scientific research capable of enhancing the quality and quantity of the State agricultural produce
Creation of large agro-allied zones for commercial and mechanized farming located in the State's
food basin fully equipped with a comprehensive irrigation system, large industrial silos for secure storage and roads infrastructure
Create via PPP large agro-processing centres across the State to provide quality consistency and promote exportation of produce from Anambra
Mobilize and incentivize foreign and domestic private sector experts to cultivate for local consumption, processing & export
Collaborate (via PPP) with reputable agro-based Israeli institution to introduce modern farming technologies to improve yield productivity

Housing & Urban Development
Embark on an aggressive implementation of the city master plan for Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi jointly prepared by Peter Obi's Administration and UN Habitat
Introduction of a fully automated C of O issuance, structure approval and renovation processes
Introduce PPP with reputable developers to build new settlements of 10,000 housing units annually to decongest high population regions of the State
Working closely with the Federal Ministries for Housing and Finance, to provide single digit interest mortgage loans to encourage house ownership amongst working class (civil service and private sector) in the State.
Security &Social Welfare
Creation of Anambra State Traffic and Safety Agency
Introduce CCTVs at all the entry and exit routes of the states to enable security agencies track movements of kidnappers and other criminals.
Construct new and rehabilitate existing security agency infrastructure
Donation of 1,500 security patrol vehicles, communication and other surveillance equipment to security agencies across the State
Put in place a 'Target/Reward System' to motivate security agencies towards aggressive crime fighting
Sustain cordial working relationship between all security agencies
Grow State's security trust fund via assistance of blue chip corporations in the State
Introduce capacity building programs for Community Vigilante groups
Establish 6 new fire emergency stations across all 3 senatorial zones
Build upon the recently commissioned Social Security scheme for the elderly 

Tourism, Sports & Youth Development
Prepare a tourism and hospitality policy to promote private sector investments in hotels, resorts, museums, tourist sites and theme parks
Establish 21 sport centres across all local governments to discover young talents
Establish at least one (1) fully functional Sports Academy via PPP in each senatorial District
Encourage the setting up of a State Football club
Upon completion of Onitsha stadium, the State shall bid aggressively to host major games and national sporting events
Introduction of annual Anambra State Sports Festival to stimulate and promote healthy competition

Introduction of a fully automated judicial system
Improve welfare packages to attract the best qualified judges and supporting staff
Provide resources for adequate training programs and summits

Administration & Civil Service
Embark on an extensive revision of the compensation and welfare packages of Civil Service in Anambra to enhance productivity and improve the quality of life of every civil servant
Introduce a structured, rigorous and transparent recruitment exercise annually
Commence annual retreats for all civil servants (level 15 and up) to evaluate ministerial performance and devise strategies to improve performance
Continue the recently introduced annual domestic and foreign retreat for senior government officials (members of the Executive Council, Permanent Secretaries and other Political Appointees)
4-year replacement of official vehicles for all qualified Staff (Permanent Secretaries and Directors)
Introduce annual training programs for all staff across all levels

Enabling Laws
In my first 6 months, we will strive to pass into law or amend the following enabling laws to create
legal bedrock for my policies and programs to thrive:
Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Law
Awka Capital Development Authority Law
Anambra State Tourism and Hospitality Law
Children and Young Persons Law
Criminal Justice Law

Pix: Ngige
In the face of the transparent governorship primary elections in Anambra State, in other political parties, the state was thrown into mourning on August 21, 2013 when it was announced that Senator Chris Ngige has been presented as consensus governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the November 16 election.
This was mainly so because no primaries have been held to select the candidate of the party,
This is moreso since, on August 22, almost all the newspapers that circulated in Anambra state that day had a picture of Chief Bisi Akande, interim national chairman of APC and Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State raising Ngige’s hand as the party’s candidate.
As expected, some aggrieved and disappointed party members had troop out to demonstrate in some parts of Anambra State, as they condemn the  APC for not allowing primary election to take place, before pronouncing Ngige as the candidate.
Some of their placards read: “APC is not democratic; APC, you have shot yourself on the legs; Ngige is not our choice; APC give us primary election; We will swim or sink with Godwin Ezeemo’ Please save Anambra now; Ngige, don’t enter house through the window; Abuja can’t choose for us; Ngige come home and face us in the primary; We don’t want sponsored governor in Anambra State again and  Godwin Ezeemo talk now,”
When Godwin Ezeemo released a statement demanding a primary election, the aggrieved people felt that something will be done. And it’s more gratifying that the APC has decided to hold primary election on Monday, September 2.
My advice is: Ngige should come back to Anambra State to test his popularity with the people, in a free and fair election. Ngige must think less of these greedy sponsors, as Anambra can’t progress with that. Ngige must understand that Anambra governorship is not a do or die affair. To all politicians, do not mortgage Anambra to these heartless moneybags again.
Anambra people must reject all form of godfatherism. We must learn from what happened in 2003.

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