Airtel 4Gb for #2,000 & 9Gb for #3,500 - Airtel is getting Hotter!


Airtel Always on data plan. After introducing the new Airtel Always On Plan, they didn't think of stopping there. They stil went ahead to introduce or may i say launched? Another great, amazing, awesome PROMO data plan bundle.

Hopes you have heard about the Android Tweaking to get Airtel 1.5gb, if you have not done the tweaking, below a simple easy to use app that will enable you generate the last digit of your imei. Just Click here to Download it which gives you 4GB for #2,000 which will definitely last for 2months, meanwhile the 9GB which goes for #3,500 will last for 2months.

I can't wait oh! Wat's the Code

Please, before dialing this code, don't recharge oh. Firstly, you need to know wheather you eligible for any of the plan.

Those, who wants to go for the 4GB dial *437*1# automatically #2,000 will be deducted from your account.

While, for those whose eyes are big and are capable for affording 9GB Plan, should dial *438*1# and immediately .#3,500 will be deducted from your account.

I am not surprised, if Mtn, Glo or probably Etisalat will just launched theirs because Mtn Night plan which seems to be the best before, is no longer, especially when this Airtel 9gb is there.

Watching of video mode activated *winks*. I just can't wait. Are you stil comtemplating on it?
Remember it is a PROMO! Might be over in no time!


How To Change Blogger Template Easily

Blogger is a very interesting interface to blog with and it also free and that what makes it widely used by new bloggers and even professional bloggers, but some find it hard on how to change the blogger template . To me it is necessary to change blogger default template because the template are developed years ago and are outdated in a lot of things.

how to change blogger template
When I was using blogger, I found changing of blogger template necessary until I learned how to tweak and edit the default blogger template and create something unique for my readers which am going to be sharing the ways I did soon, so subscribe and verify your subscription so that you will know when I start the post series. So let get straight to the purpose of the post on how to change blogger template. Continue reading below.....

Easy Steps On How To Change Blogger Template Without Have Problems

There are many blogger template for free available in the internet just for you to download and upload the template to your blog, so once you have downloaded or have the template on your computer that you want to change your blog’s look to, then you can proceed to the steps.

Step 1

To change the template of your blog, you need to log in to your Blogger account. Once you log in, you can now proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Click on the drop down menu by the side of your Blog Bar, scroll down to “TEMPLATE” That where everything about the blog template is place, so on how to change your blogger template you need to click on the Template.
How to change blogger template

Step 3

Once you have click on it, you can backup and also restore your template, backup means download your present template before changing it or editing it so that it is left intact and the restore means uploading the template to blogger.

backup and restore blogger templateStep 4

Now to the main purpose of the post, I labeled arrows as 1, 2,3. Which arrow 1 is for downloading your present blogger template, arrow 2 is to find the new blogger template that you want to upload from your computer and arrow 3 is to upload the new template after finding it with arrow 2.
how to upload blogger template

Step 5

Once you click the upload button and the new blogger template will be uploaded and you have just changed your blogger template.
Note: It is always good to backup your old template before uploading or changing the blogger template just in case you want to switch it back to the old one, you can easily upload it back.

Conclusion on How To Change Blogger Template

Like I said earlier, changing the default blogger template is very good because some are not optimized and also not attractive to readers, therefore mostly increasing your bounce rate of your blog. So this is a must for all bloggers in blogger platform to know how to change blogger template, so find a very attractive blogger template and use it

Harness the Power of the Galaxy!

Are you looking for a device with Superior Innovation at a Smart Price? Look no further, check out the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Star, these devices are designed to give access to innovation and its affordable for everybody. Continue...

Samsung Galaxy STAR
Get the Latest Android OS that delivers utmost smartphone functionality with top Google-powered performance.

 Fast connectivity, Wi-Fi access and BT 4.0 for quick downloading of apps, and easy content sharing.
Generous memory(4GB + 512MB RAM) that accommodates the most vigorous smartphone usage.
Get a kick out of the rich apps and content which come on your touch screen, Dual SIM, affordable Samsung Galaxy STAR! 

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Get a smart phone that offers a strong processor, fast connectivity options and a premium user interface.
Ace 3 is powered with A5 1 GHz processor, Latest Android Operating System (JellyBean)& 512 MB RAM to deliver the fastest & most seamless Smartphone experience. It has “Hybrid dual SIM always on” functionality that allows you to multitask on two lines simultaneously.

The Ace 3 offers large 4” WVGA display for web browsing and 2 Mega Pixel Camera for vivid viewing.
Get ahead with a generous memory capacity of 4GBexpandable memory slot of 64 GBall in a 50 GB drop box enabled affordable Samsung Galaxy Ace!

So whether its the Samsung Galaxy Star or the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 you can be sure ofsuperiorperformance + Smart experience.

You can find out more about the devices here


  1. i think its is the best than the default blogger templates.

  2. Much better than the default template. Though it depends on individual choice